If life was as easy as this 1000 piece puzzle.

Does anyone experience days that are just low energy. Where you give in to your #anxiety

This stretch of #lockdown & #stayathome order has taken all my #positivity. Today was not a bad day, just #purposeless.

The clock doesn't move, the prayers don't give peace, sleep is both arbitrary & restless.

You go into your worst spaces sometimes, giving in to self loathing doubt & lack of stability make you vulnerable to #stress. The notion of passing time itself becomes a task.

Under normal circumstances, I would probably be muttering for the lack of it, but here, in enforced lockdown I often wish I had a routine job.

It’s difficult finding #motivation to do mundane tasks, when you feel you could/should do more, be more.

The #pandemic has definitely heightened personal trauma of not having done any constructive work in my life.

They say it’s never to late, but so many complex reasons exist why I cannot work or not many hire me anymore.

I guess its just one of those days where I vent. I’m not even angry. Just upset at many things that brought me here, this locked in situation not helpful at all.

#COVID19 #existentialism #life


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Sophia Ahmed

Finance professional with a passion for Startups, philanthropy, education & writing