Zindagi Rukti Nahi

Har qadam yeh agay jaati hai, aur hum, buss is ke peechay peechay.

Hamarey ehsaas kabhi jaltey angaarey, kabhi shokh, kabhi bilkul chup.

Is soch ke pehradaar ko keh do. Zindagi ko hum ne Azaad kar diya. Na ab woh hamaray buss mein aur na ab hum us ke peechay peechay.

Is khamoshi ke asr, is tehraao ko phail jaanay do. Kahin phir koi manchuli hawa chalay aur phir hum zindagi ke peechay aur woh hamaray agay bhaagnay lagay



Sinking boats

To all those anchors I hoped would shore me up, not one reached out from a point of understanding.

The familiarity of the tossed up water, the whipping blue & green, the mixed grey is not more intense that what goes inside me.

Har kissi ke naseeb mein aaghosh nahi hota

Woh aadhi raat aur che gaz zameen hee rehti paas hai



The Tremble

Has your heart ever been jolted? In ways you felt it would leave you scrambling for breath.

It happened this week & it happened again just now.

Words can drown you.

Ever talk to a sinking boat? If you know not how to plug the leak, it’s best you let it go.

Words from people I thought I mattered to….brutal.

It’s best to be no one’s sympathy project.

Sink or float, its the ship’s destiny.

Drawing- line art by Abdullah



Life and loss

The light flickered and suddenly there was darkness.

Within and without.

It is not the absence of light but the darkness inside that was debilitating.


As empty as a womb after miscarriage of a full term fetus.

The promise of life, snatched.
Silent screams, eyes looking for answers.

Trauma & despair



Sophia Ahmed

Finance professional with a passion for Startups, philanthropy, education & writing